Bullying in The Workplace – Guide

Bullying is something that most people would not expect to experience in their adult life. It is something that most individuals may believe should be left behind in their childhood. A person who takes solace in bullying others may probably never think about how their actions are affecting the well-being of their victims, because at that moment those individuals are not on the receiving end. It is someone else being victimized and not them.
Unfortunately, bullying can exist at any age, and all walks of life. It can occur at any place or time, especially in the workplace.
It has been reported that most bullies were bullied at one point in their lives, or they are fighting some form of insecurity within themselves. Some people may believe if there is anyone who can understand the victim’s pain it would be the individuals who have experienced the ordeal themselves. There is one question that may linger in our minds: If an individual has endured physical and or verbal abuse, why would they inflict that same pain upon someone else? My answer would be selfishness, I say this because those individuals lack the regard of someone else’s feelings, and their only concern is themselves. Get the facts about  culturecodex.com  see this.
Due to the nature of certain situations of bullying, we may try to rationalize various reasons why bullying occurs, but the reality is; there is nothing that can really justify bullying to the individuals who are being bullied.
Researchers have argued that bullying in the workplace occurs in all forms of malicious behavior such as, publicly humiliating, demeaning comments, profane outburst, isolating from others, excluding from meetings, discrediting, threatening, constant badgering, slandering, etc…. Another question would be: where does the bullying end? Obviously it does not end in the workplace.
Most people have observed situations where individuals were being bullied at work. Unfortunately, bullying can have severe effects on the victims which can lead to the victims developing stress symptoms. The individuals can become depressed and withdrawn, which can also lead to a low self-esteem and affect their well-being.