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The toilet is a really important fixture in the house, something you pride yourself in keeping clean and working well. When it breaks down, it’s not a pretty thing. So you regularly clean and maintain it. However, did you know that there can be so much more to a toilet than the traditional full flush system. You now have a choice between using a full flush or using a dual flush system, and you can also attach or use a bidet to make your toilet use even more hygienic.

The bidet has existed for a very long while. Marc-Antoine Jacoud is commonly referred to as the person who created it. The bidet seems to have come out of the work of furniture creators in France during the seventeenth century. No definitive date, however, is known. There was one furniture creator who worked for the Royal Family, one Des Rosiers, who may have been the real inventor. It is hard to know for sure as written accounts only begin in 1710. By the nineteen hundreds, due to advancements in plumbing, the bidet became a bathroom rather than a bedroom fixture. In 1960, the bidet became electronic, complete with an attachment which would expand on a regular toilet.

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It works quite simply by sending a soothing jet of water to clean you after using the toilet. In Europe you’ll find it common as either a separate fixture or as part of the toilet bowl. Although it seems strange to first timers, it is easier and cleanlier than toilet paper. Technology is reaching the point where toilet paper will be obsolete.

You can select from a spectrum of features and styles. Be advised that bidets are key style features for bathrooms in some of the most upscale places in the world. In fact, in some countries, you’ll find bidets are available in public bathrooms. And to add to your new pleasure of using the toilet, you can have heated seats, pulsating streams, adjustable temperature streams and even built in dryers. The fixtures come in any model or style that you desire for your water closet. These of course come at a cost, so it’s worthwhile investigating the options that suit both your requirements and your budget.